Tomorrow when the war began to (finally) hit the big screen!


Australian screen writer Stuart Beattie (who co wrote Australia) will be making his directorial debut with a film version of the John Marsden classic, Tomorrow when the war began.

The plan is for the filmmakers to turn the first three novels into movies, with the option of spinning the next four off into a tv series if the films are successful.

Filming starts in September. I’ve been waiting since the mid 90s, when I first read Tomorrow, for this announcement! I’ll certainly be queuing up for my ticket!

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5 Responses to “Tomorrow when the war began to (finally) hit the big screen!”

  1. bell Says:

    isbelle lucas? wat the hell! shes dumb as especially wen on rove! shes not ellie she to frail if hired at all she should be Fi

  2. Emily Says:

    i really really really want to audition!!

    anyone know where you can audition?! xo

  3. null Says:

    I am the “tomorrow series'” number #1 fan and these are who I would cast in the film – Isabel Lucas(Transformers) would perhaps make a good Ellie. Kellan Lutz(Twilight) should play Homer & Harry Cook(Accidents Happen) should play Kevin.

    • Kate Says:

      interesting perspective! i picture ellie as a total tom boy. do you reckon isabel lucas could pull that off? maybe if she cut her hair shorter… i just keep thinking of her in home and away! is she a different sort of character in transformers?

      i don’t know if i’m just a bit twilight-obsessed, but don’t you think alice greene would make a good fi? she kind of has a quiet energy about her that i think fi has.

      good choice for kevin!

  4. DJ Says:

    Kate! I am so excited about this post! Ever since I read the first book I have been envisioning how great it would be to have these books at films!

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