BookBoy’s “must-reads” (part 2)


Following from my previous post… This list is books that I am particularly looking forward to reading. Some are not out yet, some I just haven’t got to.

Sacred scars, by Kathleen Duey. This is the eagerly anticipated follow up to Skin hunger, mentioned in my previous post. I have been hanging out for this one big time and can’t wait for it’s August release date.

Monster Blood Tattoo book 3, by D. M. Cornish. Another selection that continues a series from my previous post. When I finished Lamplighter, I was dead keen to keep going with the story as some interesting possibilities about Rossamund’s background and his frowned-upon sympathy for monsters were developing.

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. I have liked everything of Westerfeld’s so fully expect Leviathan to be a fantastic series. It is set in an alternate World War I era with living airships and other amazing things. I have read a preview of the first couple of chapters and it looks good so far.

Genesis by Bernard Beckett. As far as I can tell, a futuristic tale about a world ravaged by war and plague which questions what it means to be human.

One for sorrow by Christopher Barzak. A story about the friendship between a boy and the ghost of his murdered classmate. Apparently it is dark and morbid, but somewhat heart-warming and beautiful.

The forest of hands and teeth by Carrie Ryan. Living in a small village governed by the overbearing sisterhood and their archaic rules must be bad enough without the surrounding forest being full of zombies. A story about one girl’s decision to think about what lays beyond the forest.

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2 Responses to “BookBoy’s “must-reads” (part 2)”

  1. jonathan Says:

    Thanks for the response DJ. I picked up a signed copy of Genesis at Reading Matters conference, so it will be one of the next couple of books I read.

    As an update, I have read One for sorrow and unfortunately, it didn’t quite work for me. Not enough to stop me reading, But not great. I could easily see others loving it though.

  2. DJ Says:

    Nice list!
    I read Genesis by Bernard Beckett about a year ago. It’s a nice short read with a really interesting PLOT however I was slightly disappointed with the ending. I think it would have been better if the author had envisioned an adventure/pursuit series but hey that’s just my opinion! Let us know what you think when you read it!

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