Cancer in the community


What do Kylie Minogue, Patrick Swayze and Deltra Goodrum have in common?  They have all been affected by cancer.  Cancer is a disease of the body’s cells. It affects many people both in the media and in our local community. In fact, according to the Australian Government Health Institute one in three men and one in four women in Australia will be directly affected by cancer in the first 75 years of life.

In aid of supporting cancer research and support networks, Runaway Bay Branch Library hosted The Biggest Morning Tea on Wednesday 20 May and raised $130. 

For young people living with cancer, there are support organizations like Canteen and Camp Quality that help them deal with this difficult time in their life.  It is really touching reading through the real life stories on the Canteen website.  

If you are interested in more information on cancer, there is a large range of books on the library’s catalogue that you can put on hold, both fiction and non-fiction.  A story that I have just finished reading was by a New Zealand author called Sarah Ell and it is called Talking to Adam. Although it is a little tear jerking, I found the story to be a uplifting and positive in dealing with life and death issues.  This story starts out with a very average teenage girl called Katie who is interested in boys, doing well on her exams and socializing with friends at parties.  After a night of partying way too hard, she passes out from too much alcohol and gets taken to hospital.  There, a blood test reveal some abnormalities and she is found to have cancer.  She is taken through numerous treatments that make her feel sicker and sicker and has to come to terms with the impact of having cancer and the possibility of dying.  But she is not the only one dealing with this disease and this is where we meet Adam.  A unique, dreadlocked surfer guy who chats to Katie and gets her to see the positive side of life.  As Katie gets better will Adam do the same?


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