Literary young guns: William Kostakis interviews Jack Heath


Yesterday, we posted an interview where Jack Heath threw some questions about his craft at fellow author William Kostakis. Today, the tables are turned.

William Kostakis: Favourite character you’ve written?

Jack Heath: Harry, the robot. It’s always fun to write a sociopath.

William: If you could claim one other author’s writing as your own, whose would it be?

Jack: Markus Zusak. He builds characters with a resonance I’m not sure I, nor any other author, is/am capable of. (His grammar is better too – he doesn’t need phrases like “is/am”.)

William: Can you give us a 200 word teaser of Third Transmission?

Sure. How’s this:

Six checked his equipment one last time. He had a Parrot FRG semi-automatic pistol, loaded with 17 rubber bullets. He had three more magazines on his belt. He had a miniature cutting torch, with enough fuel for 10 minutes of flame. He had a scuba mask and a small oxygen bottle, in case he needed to sink the ship but was unable to escape. And he had a set of four small knives, suitable for throwing or close combat.

This mission sounded impossible. Search a huge ship, crowded with soldiers, for something very small. Then find it, take it, and escape, all without being spotted, in 45 – he checked his watch – make that 44 minutes.

But that was Six’s life. Less than three weeks ago he’d escaped from the jail of a body-stealing psychopath. He’d driven a tank up a flight of stairs. He’d been hammer-thrown up from a runway to intercept an airborne plane.

Impossible was nothing to Agent Six of Hearts.

William: Working on anything new at the moment?

Jack: Ashley and Benjamin’s next in-over-their-heads adventure. It’s called Hit List, but that may change.

Want more? Join us on Saturday at 10.30am at Robina Branch Library, where Jack and William will share their experience as young writers. You’re guaranteed a laugh or three, as well as access to some top secret, author-style insider info. Right guys?!


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