Literary young guns: Jack Heath interviews William Kostakis


In case you had any doubt where you should be spending Saturday morning, authors Jack Heath and William Kostakis, the stars of our Young guns of literature event, kindly agreed to share some of their wit and wisdom in a two-part blog post. Today, Heath interviews his mate, Kostakis. Here’s a taste of what you’re in for on Saturday morning!

Jack Heath: Which book do you think you could have written better (and how)?

William Kostakis: Hm…. How to answer this question without sounding completely in love with myself… I mean, it’s easy to say something like Twilight, which I think was just a four-book hate letter to proper punctuation, but honestly, if someone has an idea for a book, it should be theirs to write it just as they see fit. If the author wants to confuse verb tenses mid-sentence, then by all means, they can. With that in mind, the only book I could have written better, and that I’m in a position to have written better, is Loathing Lola. I mean, yes, I’m still in love with the book, don’t get me wrong. It’s just, even though it’s published, I’m so used to drafting it (I started it half a lifetime ago), that it almost feels natural to pluck it off a shelf, pull it apart and reconstruct it. Even though it was published a year ago, I still have ideas for the characters and the media-centric world of the novel, so it’s becoming more and more likely, for my sanity, that what I would’ve “written better” will just be part of a better sequel in a few year’s time.

Jack: Do you plan your work, or make it up as you go along?

William: I usually plan… but then, while I’m actually writing, a completely different, more natural narrative emerges. By the third draft, the plan is of a completely different novel to what’s actually been written.

Jack: Which weird sub-genre would you like to write in, but haven’t?

William: I’d love to write lonely middle-aged woman literary pornostories – you know, the kind they sell in 2-for-1 books at K-Mart. The thing is – they blatantly serve a purpose, but they try to serve that purpose while tip-toeing around using all the naughty words. It’d require a special kind of creativity, and I reckon it’d result in the most hilarious writing experience ever.

Jack: What’s your next project?

William: Right now – as in, the Word document is open as we speak – I’m working on my second novel, Magnum Opus. Its subtitle is: ‘The thoughts of an action hero (…who thought they had any?)’ and it follows, Danny Rooke, who, when you first meet him, is the lead character of a really poorly written action series. He knows he’s being written, but more importantly, he knows the stories he’s in suck. He lives every day waiting for his author to write his magnum opus, a perfect story. His author does write this magnum opus eventually, only, Danny Rooke isn’t its lead character. How does he deal with the rejection? Not very well. This is the story of what happens to characters after they stop being written, and the lengths they’ll go to to get written about again…

I’m really excited about it, it’s not as bound to the rules of reality as Loathing Lola was, so I get to really have some fun. I’ve really come to fall in love with the characters and I can’t wait to share it with you all. J


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