Are you sick of sparkly, heroic vampires?


The Reformed Vampire Support GroupYes, I know Twilight is sooooo very popular but I’m kind of over hearing about it.  Vampires were cool before that series and they will continue beyond it.  I found a book recently with a different sort of vampire inside.  Catherine Jinks’ newest book The Reformed Vampires Support Group sheds a little light on some more unfortunate vamps. 

These vampires aren’t cool, sexy or heroic.  Condemned to attend a support group to address their “addiction” for the rest of their unnaturally long lives, the trials of being a vampire in modern society are very boring indeed.  Nina is perpetually fifteen, thanks to being fanged as a teenager over fifty years ago.  It looks like nothing will ever change for her until a startling murder of one of the group, has Nina and Dave (formerly a punk musician) tracking down a killer. 

I haven’t read this one yet (continuing with our recent theme – it’s on my must read list) but I really enjoyed Catherine Jinks’ other book Evil Genius.  I just hope this book is as full of dark humour and plot twists as that story.


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