Friday Five: My favourite five webcomics for teens!


Some people love to read graphic novels. Some people don’t have the time. And some people, despite telling themselves they don’t have the time, read them online. I guess I fall into the last category, and have decided on this rainy day to share with you some webcomics that I love, and that I also think teens would love, too.

5. Inverloch by Sarah Ellerton

A beautifully illustrated manga-style fantasy comic following the tale of gentle-natured Acheron, a kind of feline-human hybrid. The only downside I can see here is that each single page (rather than double spread) has to be loaded individually, which interrupted things for me a little at first, but I soon overcame my impatience. But I am being picky, and as my only criticism it’s a pretty weak one. A really interesting storyline that will hook you in in no time.

4. Wigu by Jeffrey Rowland

Wigu is a clever little boy who loves video games. This webcomic follows the life of Wigu and his family, the Tinkles. The look of Wigu and his family has changed dramatically over the past 7 years. Not only this, but two of my favourite characters within the story – Topato and Sheriff Pony – have become more regular as the plot develops. Give this one a chance… it’ll grow on you.

3. Beaver and Steve by James Turner

Fall in love with level-headed Beaver and his silly sidekick, Steve as you read about their encounters with Scrablle-playing-ninjas, robots, the Shoe Goblin and more.  These short strips that were originally published on a weekly basis really are an example of quality over quantity: Sadly, new episodes detailing their adventures have recently ceased.

2. Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell

 I love the dark look of this comic. Read about Antimony “Annie” Carver’s spooky adventures when she starts new at boarding school, Gunnerkirgg Court.

And one of my absolute favourites…

1. Cat and Girl by Dorothy Gambrell

Very dry (and hilarious!) humour shown through very minimalistic artwork. Cat and girl is a webcomic with a pretty devoted following since its inception 10 years ago.

Feel free to recommend me some new titles to follow!


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