Did you know?


Did you know that your local library has millions (actually thousands) of graphic novels, manga and anime resources?

There are books and magazines on the history and recent developments of graphic novels and even some on how to make your own graphic novel.

A graphic novel is defined by Steve Raiteri (a U.S. librarian) as a trade paperback or hardcover book consisting of work in comic-book form. Manga is the Japanese word for comic but in countries outside Japan it usually refers to comics produced or conceived in Japan.

A fabulous book that I found while wandering the shelves was The Rough Guide to Graphic Novels by Danny Fingeroth. It includes the history, legendary writers and artists, a chapter on manga and even the best 60 graphic novels according to the author. It is a wealth of information and great for fans (nubes) like me.

You can also look up Animation Magazine and Anime Insider.  They are both American periodicals but they too are full of information that can keep you up-to-date with conventions, new releases and quirky Japanese stuff. So if you want to be an Anime Insider, hop to your local library and remember what Kiyoko says in the classic anime film Akira,

The future is not a straight line. There are many pathways. We must try to decide the future for ourselves.



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