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200px-stardust_promo_poster1I recently finished the book Stardust by Neil Gaiman.  I’ve read some of his other books such as Coraline (the movie is due in Australian cinemas later this year) but even though I’d seen the movie version of Stardust I had not yet read the book.

It’s a good read with a number of strange and fantastical characters making an appearance.  Written prior to the movie it follows a similar story, involving the characters Tristran Thorn and Yvaine the fallen star.  Young shop-boy Tristran sets out on a journey through the magical land of Faerie in search of a fallen star to gift to local beauty Victoria.  During this journey (I don’t want to give away too many details if you haven’t seen the movie/read the book already) he encounters witches, princes, fallen stars, unicorns, fairies and much more.  However, Tristran is not the only person searching for the fallen star and once found the star must be kept safe from a trio of witch-queens who would use it to restore their youth and beauty.

I highly recommend this book if you’re a fan of the movie or if you like stories about fantastical journeys, strange creatures, cunning princes and devious witches.  If you’d like to read the graphic novel or see the movie, you can also find them at the library.  Author Neil Gaiman has a website and an interesting blog, if you’d like to learn more about his work.


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