Book review: Stephenie Meyer’s The Host


So, I’m an unashamed Twilight fan. And now, I’ve just finished Stephenie Meyer’s The Host.

The Host tells the story of a pretty complicated love triangle (or is it a quadrangle?). Basically, it’s the story of Melanie, her boyfriend Jared, and the alien that inhabits Melanie’s body, Wanderer. The story plays out the tensions of their three-way realtionship. Sounds wacky, right? Right! It took me some time to get this story straight in my head.

Poor Wanderer is trying to come to terms with her new life, on a new planet, in a new body. But her ‘host’ – Melanie – whose body she inhabits, just doesn’t want to play nicely. Wanderer has to contend with Melanie’s memories and her body’s instincts (like its instinctual attraction to Melanie’s partner, Jared) – things that all ‘souls’ (that’s what the aliens call themselves) have to contend with. But even worse, but Melanie herself – the personality, not the body – is still a vocal and very present occupier of Melanie’s body (this is not something that soul’s usually have to contend with). So in her head, Wanderer can hear herself, but she can also hear Melanie. And pesky Melanie keeps throwing up road blocks to stop Wanderer accessing the memories she’s been tasked with uncovering.

Meyer, of course, explains this whole complicated scenario a lot better than I have!

Should you read it? Definitely, yes. I’m not a sci-fi reader and I definitely enjoyed this novel. In fact, Stephenie Meyer’s website says The Host is “Science fiction for people who don’t like science fiction”. That’s probably pretty accurate. I’m not sure how much it sticks to the conventions of sci-fi (not being a sci-fi kinda gal), but it certainly was an enjoyable and unsual read.

Best of all, the story is left wide open for a sequel. And we all know that Meyer writes a mean series, right?!

Place a hold now!


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3 Responses to “Book review: Stephenie Meyer’s The Host”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The host book is fantastic and a great book to read. i can’t wait for the soul and the seeker to come out.


  2. aaminah Says:

    thanks for da review dude

  3. Davida Says:

    Thanks for the review. I just came down from the Twilight series high and was trying to determine whether to read Host. I’ll consider your words.


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