If you’ve finished Twilight or are waiting for the next book, you may be on the lookout for more vampire fiction. 

I’ve created a list of titles both light and dark. Where possible I’ve linked to the author’s web page so you can check them all out right here. 

Some of these are the first of a series, some are standalone novels.

There is a huge amount of paranormal fiction out at the moment, this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

There’s plenty of variety, plenty of thrills and plenty of chills, check out the web pages, there’s heaps of cool stuff!

These are all available from the library service. Check the catalogue to see where they are or place a hold.


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2 Responses to “VAMPIRES!”

  1. vainstein76 Says:

    Great post!
    really usefull!

  2. '86 Rabbit Says:

    Don’t forget the Sookie Stackhouse novels that HBO’s True Blood was based on. They start with Dead Until Dark.

    You also can’t forget about the classics. Anne Rice’s vampire books, beginning with Interview with the Vampire.

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