Jacob’s moment of clarity in ‘Breaking Dawn’


Just finished Breaking Dawn, the last book in Twilight! It was awesome – better than all three other books put together. Page 360 had the most amazing moment in any book I have ever read! Jacob’s moment on that page is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even if you hated every other page of the entire series, page 360 would make it all worthwhile. Luckily I loved all four books (so much so that I have just bought Twilight for my mum for Easter – I want everyone to read them), but Breaking Dawn was the best. I do think Meyer has definitely left the door wide open for a sequel, and with her gift of drawing out the story, could even get anther trilogy out of Renesme’s story. I hope she does!!!!


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3 Responses to “Jacob’s moment of clarity in ‘Breaking Dawn’”

  1. Fiona Says:

    That would be cool, though I really want to see what happens between Renesme, Jacob and the new halfvampire that came in at the end of BD. They could definitely be tied up with Leah, anyway, now that she’s in Jacob’s pack.

  2. '86 Rabbit Says:

    I’ve read in interviews that Stephenie Meyer is not ruling out writing in the Twi-verse again, but it she does she thinks she’ll pick up with Leah. I think that would be great!

  3. Kate Says:

    Fiona, I so totally agree! I saw Jacob’s moment of clarity coming, but it was still my very favourite plot twist in the whole series.

    I’m also hanging out for more on Renesme’s story…

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