Loathing (and LOLing with) Lola


William Kostakis is one funny guy. He’s also one very accomplished 19-year-old, having had his first novel published in 2008, and with the Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year award under his belt. 19! OMG. At 19, I felt like I’d accomplished something if I was out of bed and sitting in a lecture theatre on time! Way to raise the bar!

Kostakis’s debut novel, Loathing Lola, has been hailed as “a promising debut from a young and talented Australian writer” (Australian Book Review), and a “funny, edgy, completely compelling novel” (Good Reading). I’ve just finished Lola myself, and I have to say, I agree wholeheartedly with the reviews.

As one reviewer put it, this is

an apt novel to have as an artifact of our times, young Australia in the noughties.

And it is just that: an artifact of our times. Kostakis has an insight into youth culture that only youth (or those who’ve recently graduated from young adult to adult, as I’m sure Kostakis would rather be seen! 🙂 ) can have: the language is real and uncensored; the characters (or, are they caricatures? ) – all of them, from waah-waah Chloe to the heroine herself – remind us of people we know or once went to school with or maybe even ourselves; it’s peppered with cultural references; and the microcosm that is the high school world is portrayed with amusing clarity.  

And making it even more deserving of its artifact status, this novel features a lead character who is set to star in her very own reality tv show – the entertainment phenomenon of our time.

Lolawas full of LOL moments for me – Kostakis even manages to insert satire into a funeral scene (think: teenagers attempting to out-mourn each other). But beyond the laughs, this is a book with a message that is really well crafted, maintains its momentum, and keeps you turning the pages.

Loathing Lola is the first young adult book I’ve read this year that has made my “favourite reads of 2009” list. Go get it now!

And catch our interview with the author tomorrow!

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3 Responses to “Loathing (and LOLing with) Lola”

  1. LOLing with Lola « William Kostakis Says:

    […] For the full review, click HERE. […]

  2. William Kostakis Says:

    I completely agree in an unbiased, nonself-centred sort of way.

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