Art in all its forms…or not?



Image courtesy of Cory Doctorow.

I was thinking about Graffiti.  There’s a couple of walls around the Gold Coast with what I consider to be very cool artwork on them.  To some – it’s just graffiti.   Little ‘g’.  Apparently it’s known as ‘wildstyle’

I’ve always admired graffiti artists.  I think what they do is amazing.  It’s urban and very much a social commentary on our world.  That’s usually what art is.  Lots of people would disagree.  That’s ok. 

Check out what Oxford Art Online has to say about graffiti.   It also says this…

When I’m ever on the train to Brissie I really enjoy seeing these flashes of colour, line and style speeding past.  I think it’s better than ugly industrial walls.

But do taggers consider themselves artists?  Is scrawling a tag a form of art? 

I used to practise my signature hundreds of times.  Most of us do.  I reckon taggers do too.  But let’s face it.  Tags are really ugly.  The worst thing ever, ever,  is when I see truly inspiring graffiti art tagged upon.  It’s like…what’s with you?  This is your Michaelangelo of artist expression, your Picasso.  Why would you scribble on what you would aspire to be.  What say you good people?

I challenge all taggers to make real graffiti art. There are plenty of opportunities to get out and exercise your artistic flair through graffiti projects. Check out the Gold Coast City Council’s Artbox Project.

ArtsConnect provides ways to connect to an art community and contact Aussie graffiti artists.   Inspire yourself and really express your art.   You could get in touch with really cool artists and find ways that your community accepts to make chosen walls talk like a visual encyclopedia of your view of today’s society,  not like a random txt msg that says you wandered past this place one day.


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