Our pick of 20 cool tools


Last week, we ran a session called 20 cool tools for kids and teens at our Techno Expo. We said we’d post the links here for you – so here they are!

Personalise your Google home page with all the bits of information and gadgets you use regularly.

Teen Health and Wellness (enter your library barcode number to access)
With a focus on health related issues of importance to young adults, this online resource is an essential tool for homework, assignments, and personal development.

Your daily guide to helping the planet.

Snopes – Rumour has it
Urban legends and misinformation.

Dinosaur comic
Hilarious daily dinosaur comic.

MS Paint Adventures
Just like a graphic novel but on the computer.

Make Beliefs Comix
Create your own comic strip, it’s easy and fun.

Take your fave pics, upload them, add speech bubbles and bam! You’ve created your very own comic strip.

The famous studio that produced Shrek and Kung Fu Panda has its very own animation website. Watch the trailers, play the games and go behind the scenes of the animation studio.

Award-winning source of credible, unbiased, and easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works.

DoSomething.org provides the tools and resources for you to convert your ideas and energy into positive action. Be part of a generation of doers.

Inside a dog
The Centre for Youth Literature, State Library Victoria, promotes reading as an active, pleasurable and essential activity for all young people.

Includes fact sheets on teen issues, competitions, forums and other helpful information.

The Source
Lots of info for youth.

Zerofootprints kids calculator
Simply follow the questions to see if you are environmentally friendly.

Good site to watch all ages and aged gigs for free.

Triple J
The radio station and it’s music plus all the visuals, blogs, forums, radio guides and reviews.

Song meanings, lyrics and trivia.

The free, cross platform sound editor.

Real Footy
Everything AFL.

The Harry Potter Lexicon
The most complete and amazing reference to the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

Got a cool tool you want to share with us? Post a link in the comments!


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