What’s Dan Brown up to?


Where’s the (just slightly) highly anticipated next book from Dan Brown, The Solomon key? I’m waiting!

 There is no doubt in my mind that The Da Vinci code was a corker. A really good yarn intertwining factual events, art history, controversial religious debate (great for publicity, Mr Brown) and old fashioned thrills and spills.


I personally enjoyed the predecessor, Angels and demons a little more (it stirred my Catholic guilt!).

But all his novels including the non-Robert Langdon tales Digital fortress and Deception point are well worth a read if you like escapist thrills and unlikely yet fun twists.

If they upset the self proclaimed “bibliopurists”, then great!! They are the best ones to have their gilded cages rattled!

These easy-reads aren’t Tolstoy nor Dickens, but IMHO they are far above Cussler and Patterson and (God forbid)…Wilbur Smith.

So if popularity means anything, and for my mind it means “good”, then these books are a hoot!  Woo hoo!

No literary snobs allowed.


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2 Responses to “What’s Dan Brown up to?”

  1. Lost symbol found! « blurb it Says:

    […] Lost symbol found! By Kate (library staff) You might remember that a while back, we made a post about the much-anticipated and long overdue sequel to The DaVinci code…  […]

  2. paochuan (library staff) Says:

    Yes, whatever happened to Dan Brown? Maybe Opus Dei have rubbed him out. I guess it doesn’t pay to annoy a fringe sect. I better not voice my opinion on Tom Cruise and Scientology then! LOL!

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