Setting your favourite book free to cross the world


I am going overseas in a couple of months  and was recently wondering about which of my favourite books I might take to read on the plane and then the dilemma of what to do with them whilst I am away, when I remembered awhile ago reading about a ‘book release’ program.

Now you may or may not have seen the movie Amelie where she takes her father’s gnome ‘travelling’ all over the world and sends postcards from the gnome to her father.  Picture your favourite book, released into the wild for the enjoyment of others (you may not get a postcard about it’s travels) but you can register and log on and track it’s adventures around the world.

Check out the website bookcrossing.comwhere you can register for free and then register your book.  You put the details about the program in the front of your book and when you are finished with it release it at your chosen location eg. bus, coffee shop, airport and so on.  If you are the lucky finder of a book crossing book or if someone finds your book they can put the details on the website so you can track the travels of your novel.

I thought this is a pretty cool way to share a book.  You are giving someone else  enjoyment from your favourite title, you are also doing you bit for the environment as well by recycling and it would be a small thrill to see just how far your book travels.

So now my decision has been made, I just have to decide what book I might like to release? Any suggestions?


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2 Responses to “Setting your favourite book free to cross the world”

  1. Bindi Says:

    If you stay at any youth hostels it’s always nice to grab a book from their ‘library’ and sometimes add to it while you’re there. I have even gifted shampoo and other HEAVY things that I no longer needed but someone else may appreciate.

  2. Rachel Says:

    When we went overseas, my partner book books to take from a second hand shop and then after we had read them we gave them to friends we visited or people we had met along the way.

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