Beading blitzes the library!


Last Thursday, Nerang Library was lucky enough to spend over an hour in a beading frenzy! Fifteen of our teenage customers booked in to our ‘Beading Blitz’ workshop to create their own bracelet and pair of earrings, and only a couple of them had any beading experience at all!
We started off with booklets helping all of us to get an idea of what we were making and how to do it. The hardest part was choosing a colour scheme!

The girls twisted and crimped their way to finishing their bracelets…

and their earrings (which proved to be a little fiddly).  And in no time, all of us had a cute set to take home or give as gifts.
Both staff and teens had a wonderful time learning how to create our own jewellery. It’s fun being able to take something home with you to be proud of.
Now that we’ve finished our first workshop at Nerang, we may later consider running this and similar activities at more Gold Coast library branches. If you’re interested in beading, or would like to see something similar at your library, please let us know. You might be able to teach us a thing or two!


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