What do I read now?


It is getting close to the end of school holidays… and soon it will be February and the start of a new school year.  Hopefully you were one of the lucky ones to get in early with the Twilight series… who would have thought this time last year we would all be so entranced with some vampires?  With it sold out at every shop and a waitlist at the library, it is still high on everyone’s reading lists.

So my question to everyone is… what do you think will be the hits and misses of 2009?  Mia certainly gave me a head start with her recent post… But what do you think will capture everyone’s imagination and will make us clamour for more?  Will it be vampires?  Will it be Harry Potter again? (As Mia suggests!) Do I need to get out the graphic novels and give them a try?

What do you think? Let me know – so I can start reading now, before I’m left behind!


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One Response to “What do I read now?”

  1. Garry Smith Says:

    Have you read the Dark Materials trilogy? They are good books!
    – Gary Smith

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