New Doctor Who!


Ok, so I’m posting this a few days behind the actual news.  Just in case you hadn’t heard, the BBC have announced that Matt Smith will be taking up the mantle of the eleventh Doctor in 2010.

Controversy has been raging across the internet about Smith who will the youngest Doctor Who ever. 

So what are your thoughts on the new Doctor?  Did the BBC get it right, or is it too soon to tell?  Post in and let us now what you think.


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6 Responses to “New Doctor Who!”

  1. Sam The Dog Says:

    I hate being pedantic. Actually, I love it, 🙂 , but there were only 7 Doctors in the original run, 1 in the spin off movie and now, with Matt Smith, 3 in the new series.

    Now where’s my anorak?

  2. comedian Says:

    Original “Doctor Who!” was longest-running science fiction television show in the world, with eleven actors playing the main role. I guess by prolonging it they try to keep this world record.

  3. didge Says:

    yeaa, i agree now.
    the first time i saw doctor who was ages back b4 05
    there was these two people walking into this field and they went into a blue box. it was interesting but i didn’t know what the heck it was.
    anyway, i was watching “party animals last nite and matt smith was on there, he is like the TOTAL best actor, he’d b the second. (L) lol 😛
    4 DAYS 2 GO!!!!

  4. Sam The Dog Says:

    I am not too worried about Matt Smith’s age. Peter Davison was young when he took the role, but the one thing that struck me when watching repeats of his Doctor a couple of years ago (when the ABC did that repeat of the whole series) was that he Doctor was actually the crankiest old man since Hartnell.

    That said, if they turn Matt Smith into David Tennant with more hair, I won’t be too happy.

  5. didge. Says:

    i personally think he is a bit too young. i mean, i wish david tennant wouldn’t leave. he is by far, the BEST doctor who ever. he is amazing.
    but i think mr. smith (john smith, lol 🙂 ) will do a very good job and i can’t wait for “the next doctor” xmas special on the 25th of Janurary, ABC1, Sunday, 7:30pm. and the easter speacial.

  6. BJ Says:

    The following is (in my opinion) a very well-put comment shared over at LJ’s Tennant!Love by sphinxvictorian:

    “Perhaps those fans who are being so very hard on young Mr. Smith should think about this: WWDTD (What Would David Tennant Do?) Put yourself in his shoes. He’s legitimately quit the show, he’s going on to make his career even more interesting and varied, as most actors long to do. So he announces he will leave, a replacement is chosen, and many of Mr. Tennant’s fans shower his successor with vitriol, simply because he isn’t David Tennant. Now it strikes me that Mr. Tennant is a true gentleman, from all the behavior I have seen from him over the last three years, and a caring person, and I think it would really hurt him to hear how Mr. Smith is being treated in some quarters.

    I know, I know, I sound like everyone’s parents here. But honestly, I really feel that we should back down and wait to find out what this young man does with the part, and recognize that perhaps the anger that is being shown is projected onto Mr. Smith, because it cannot be fairly directed at Mr. Tennant for leaving the show in the first place…

    …I will finish by saying that I am unutterably sad for my own part at losing Mr. Tennant from the role, but I completely understand his choice, and I hope to follow him on to whatever his career takes him to next!”

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