‘The Walker is abroad, the Rider is riding; They have woken, the Dark is Rising.’


We often see these great movies like “The Chronicles of Narnia“, or “Prince Caspian” or “The Golden Compass“. We watch them, and we enjoy them!  But….

What many people don’t realise, is that a lot of these movies are based on books. And sometimes, the movie we see may be the second or third in a series! I can’t answer why film makers do this! But I can tell you that the book is usually better than the movie. Why, you may ask? Well, I think it’s because we can use our own imagination when creating what we think the monsters and the characters and other things inside the book look like. And when we see these things on the screen, well, we’re looking at what someone else thinks these things look like!

If you have alread read the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, and enjoyed them, here is another epic fantasy for you.

It’s kinda like Spiderwick crossed with Narnia crossed with Harry Potter….


The Seeker“, is a film adaptation of  the book, “The Dark Is Rising”, by Susan Cooper (And is also the title of the second book in the series) The main character is an eleven-year-old boy who learns that he is an Old One, destined to wield the powers of  The Light, in an ancient struggle with The Dark.

The series is based on the Arthurian myths, with many connections to Celtic and Norse legend.

All these are on the catalogue, some are available in Overdrive on eAudiobook, eBook or CD book.


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