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The Fall” is Garth Nix’s first installment of “The Seventh Tower” series, and is one that a few people have recomended to me.  Check out the catalogue, order a copy for yourself, and let us know what you think!


Tal is getting ready for the Day of Ascension – a day when all the 13-year-old Chosen from the Castle of Seven Towers enter the spirit world of Aenir. Then his father disappears with the family’s Primary Sunstone. Without it, Tal cannot enter Aenir and bind himself to a Spiritshadow – a guardian being, both protector and friend.

Tal tries to steal a Sunstone, but during his act of thievery is thrown off the Castle of Seven Towers by a powerful Spiritshadow Keeper. He falls down to the iceworld below, where he is captured by Icecarls. To save his life, he must team up with Milla – a Shield-Maiden-in-training – and offer his aid to the nomads. Which complicates his task immeasurably…


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