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 O.K! O.K.! So you’ve read Twilight and all the other Stephenie Meyers books, seen the movie…. What now?

Of course there’s the regulars, like Angel and Buffy, which are available at the library as books and DVD’s, but did you know they are also available as Graphic Novels!

This series by Alex Duval might just well be the next Stephenie Meyers teen vampire series.

Bloodlust“,  by Alex Duval,  is the first book of the “Vampire Beach” series, which includes; Initiation, Legacy, High Stakes, Ritual, and Hunted which is coming soon.

Jason Freeman moves to Malibu. He easily becomes popular at his new school, and develops a crush on Sienna. Later on in the book he goes to a party on a yacht, but the next day he discovers a body on the beach.
He finds out that everybody in DeVere Heights are vampires, and that a rogue vampire is on the loose. Jason and his new friend Adam investigate as they try and find out who the rogue vampire is….

P.S. I know if you’re a “Twilight” fan you’ve probably already been here, but here’s a quick link for those who haven’t had a look yet.


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