Looking back in time


I have been enthralled checking out the photographs that the library has on its Picture Gold Coast site.  You can access it easily through the catalogue.

So many people think that the Goldie is pretty new, but you’d be surprised how long ago settlers started to arrive in the area.

But what really blows me away is how much we humans have literally terraformed the Gold Coast and Tweed.

Narrowneck was just a flatish sand bar – it’s now bunkered up in the air with huge concrete palisade supports under all that sand.

Currumbin estuary looks something similar to what it looked like 100 years ago even with the rock groin, but in the 70s was bare of nearly all vegetation on the Palmy side.

It’s amazing to see how many trees were completed obliterated on the Gold Coast  in the 70s.  Thankfully we have been greened up again in the last 20 years or so which is lovely and hopefully wherever new trees are being planted in our neighbourhoods we are all taking care of them.  (They don’t belong to the council – they belong to us remember!) It’s amazing to see how swampy and forested the Gold Coast was back in the days.  Canals have been formed to control the water, hills have literally disappeared for building and shoring up the beaches and building roads.  If you look at the back of Burleigh near Reedy Creek you can see this taking place right now!

I love this one photograph taken of Mermaid from Nobby’s Hill back in the 1940s when the Gold Coast Highway was just a sand track.  So cool to look at.  There’s just one little house near the beach close to Nobby’s end.

Now we sit in masses of traffic, buses, buildings and hype.  And then there’s the original bikini.  Yes folks it started right here on the Goldie.  Yay!…for meter maids. lol ;p

Why not start a search with your own suburb and then explore.  Have a look and prepare to be amazed.


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