Do you think your dreams are significant?

Often I don’t dream at all, but every now and then I will have a very vivid dream that I just can’t shake. On those days I start thinking that there is something to my dreams, that they are meaningful in some way.

Once I had a dream that a crocodile was biting my back and I could actually feel my back muscles tightening. Another time I dreamed I was falling and when I hit the ground I actually jumped in my bed and woke myself up. It is amazing to see how physically engaged my body is in my dreams! I remember another dream I had where I kept seeing everything in red—a red tiger, a red bench, a red door, etc.

On one hand, it is hard for me to dismiss these dreams, but on the other hand I think I might be nuts for thinking there is something to them. And if there is something to them, how do I know what they mean? I am not about to trust any old interpretation I find on Google, or the opinion of an interpreter found in the yellow pages or at a market. Seriously…

What do you think? Do you believe that dreams are significant? And if you do, how do you know how to interpret them?



One Response to “Dreams”

  1. aubs (library staff) Says:

    Hey dreamy 2by2. You know we dream most of our sleep. It’s just not easy to remember and when we do it’s because it’s been so ‘real’ or significant our conscious mind has been alerted.

    What I find is that I can attach most of my dreams to events that happen throughout the day. I find I will dream subconcious thoughts regarding the events of the day and funnily enough wake up when I’ve reached something my mind has locked onto at the day or night’s end. If the alarm clock hasn’t woken up I can go back to sleep and find my dreams less vivid or I just doze. Most of the time you find your dreams are just a rehash of the day but what they can reveal are all the subconcious thoughts you didn’t put into words or actions. Your crocodile may reveal that you felt really put upon that day. Or felt like you didn’t trust someone literally behind your back?? The claws were on you or you dig Steve Irwin too much…lol ;p

    I think the falling thing is our minds falling into the subconcious. It’s a dark place and I reckon our conscious mind pulls us back very quickly sometimes. Other times I reckon that the falling thing is a safety mechanism to alert us that we’ve stopped breathing or are not getting enough oxygen and we are slowing suffocating ourselves with our own tongues!! Thank goodness it does that – as extreme as it seems at the time. Well…that’s my take on it anyway.

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