Goths, Metal and being very GC


I know a band who recently played on the Gold Coast: Empyrean.  You can check them out on their myspace under the name Empyreanband.  They play what they call are “…dark and symphonic soundscapes.” (myspace) There’s also a lot of hard core screaming,  but, the point is, it got me thinking about GC culture.  It’s traditional to be part of the surf culture on the Gold Coast, but as the city grows and getting sunburnt is not necessarily the coolest thing, I see more and more alternative young people around.  I’ve blogged before on a novel that has that touch of ‘goth’ about it, ‘Green Angel’.  I loved the goth look when it first came out in the eighties – swampy – it was affectionately known as.  Now with Twilight out and the novels so popular it seems that the soft gothic culture is alive and well hundreds of years after the idea of ‘gothic’ first started.

I took a look at our catalogue and we have heaps on gothic culture like graphic novels and heaps on cinema, novels and music also. 

We have Dracula’s on the coast too!  Goth culture seems to be growing on the coast.  Yet how to be ‘city dark’ when you live on the goldie (all shiny and bright like it is) would be a challenge.  I like to challenge the norm.  Just like the posts about schoolies; how comfortable are we with being different from what we think is the norm?  What’s interesting is that after all this time it is still a way of being that has managed to always maintain a place just outside the norm.  Some trends get absorbed into modern culture and disappear, but being gothic has survived on the edges of society in a way that being ‘punk’ has not quite managed.  Interesting.  Any thoughts out there?


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