Schoolies or no schoolies?


I graduated from high school in another country where things are a bit different. We celebrated grad with prom (a formal dance), a dinner and a ceremony where you received your diploma. Then we would party all night and that was it, back to school on Monday.

When I moved to Australia and heard about schoolies I was quite amazed…not only were all the 17 year old graduates given a graduation ceremony, but then they all got to go out and party for a whole week—on the government’s tab!!!

I’m all for congratulating high school graduates on their accomplishment, but if what I hear is true about this event degrading into binge drinking and debauchery you’ll have to come up with some great arguments for me to believe that schoolies is worthwhile.

Now that it is all over for the year I want to ask for your opinion. Those of you who haven’t been to schoolies, are you looking forward to it? If you have been to schoolies, was it a good time? Am I crazy for thinking schoolies is outrageous?



5 Responses to “Schoolies or no schoolies?”

  1. Gold Coaster Says:

    One reason you drink during schoolies is #1 its really not that fun #2 alcohol is a Social Anxiety drug #3 everyone really isn’t that good looking #4 Australian kids really don’t know what it is to be an Australian and think its part of culture… Australia.. you should be ashamed of yourself! Government Funded Debauchery…

  2. Dani Says:

    i feel like schoolies is just an excuse to spend the week drunk and say you did.
    its totally lost its feel.
    i heard a stat. that onlyy 90% of schoolies drink.
    thats 1 in 10 not.
    you miight find 1 in 20 at parties nowadays so doubt thats true.

    travelling sounds good to me.

  3. Mia (library staff) Says:

    While it’s been few years since I attended schoolies, I can certainly say that the Government didn’t pick up my tab. For my friends and myself it was our first holiday away from home without our parents. It was a chance to plan, book and pay for our first grown up (sort of ) holiday. I’ll agree that some people’s behaviour can be an issue, but no one is forced to head to Surfers, and it seems that many school leavers are choosing more interesting destinations overseas. I think that celebrating the end of schooling is worthwhile, Year 12 was tough and it was good to escape, if only for a week.

  4. Kate (library staff) Says:

    I agree with Nat: I think it has lost a bit of its meaning. When I finished school (ten years ago next year! – that makes me feel oooold!), schoolies was still a relatively new thing. We went out for dinner, hung out and had a nice time. But if I was graduating now, I think I’d prefer to take off traveling, too – seems like a more exciting way to let off steam, to me!

  5. Nat Says:

    I’m currently two years away from schoolies, next year I’ll be in year 11. Schoolies is a way to express yourself after a hard year of studying and crazy tests like the OP, it’s a way to let off of steam. Schoolies students tend to get a bit crazy this is also influenced by ‘toolies’ which are people usually around 20 who are eager to hold onto their youth and ‘foolies’ who are around my age, 15/16.

    In some ways I am looking forward to schoolies but I’d prefer to travel. A few of my friends are going away for schoolies, mostly overseas travelling and that’s what I’d like to do as well but I’d prefer to travel by myself to experience more things. So, in a way schoolies is a cliche’ way of expressing yourself and has lost all meaning since when it first started.

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