Twilight on the big screen: my review, and your chance to win!


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Last Thursday night I headed off to the cinema to catch Twilight. In short, I loved it, though maybe not as much as I loved the book.

I loved the casting, for the most part:

  • Ashley Greene, as Alice, was perfect, although when Bella visited the house, I thought Alice was a bit more puppy-dog-exciteable than Alice’s character in the book
  • I loved the casting of Elizabeth Reaser (remember, she was Ava in Grey’s Anatomy?) as Esme – she was so motherly but also made a great vampire
  • Taylor Lautner as Jake (who happens to be one of my favourite Twilight characters) was not only well cast but also not hard to look at! 😉
  • Nikki Reed had the ethereal beauty I expected of Rosalie
  • I loved Jackson Rathbone and his shaggy hair as Jasper – not what I expected (did he have hair like that in the book?), but he did the whole “I’m not quite in control and may just eat you” stare perfectly
  • The only casting that disappointed me was Peter Facinelli as Carlisle, and you know, I’m not sure if that’s because he didn’t quite fit for me, or if it’s cause his white pallor was clearly packed-on makeup in the first scene he was in. How come they managed to make the pale face thing look natural on everone but Carlisle?

Some reviews suggested the special effects were lacking. I think I have to agree, but it didn’t really effect how much I liked the movie. It was a bit wierd when Edward was bouncing off rocks, and his run through the forest did appear pretty low budget, but for the most part, it was okay.

Moments in the movie I really liked:

  • It was a nice touch when Edward caught the red apple in the cafeteria, in exactly the same pose as the book cover
  • I loved Rosalie’s crushing of the salad bowl, and Esme telling the Cullen ‘kids’ to clean it up was funny
  • The Cullen’s house! I want a house like that!
  • Edward… Who doesn’t love Edward. Makes you want to fall in love with a vampire, doesn’t it?

Things that didn’t work for me:

  • As I mentioned before, why did Carlisle’s pale skin look like caked on makeup, when no one else’s did?
  • I thought it was strange how Bella, a total klutz, managed to stand in the tree tops without falling. I was waiting for Edward to have to grow wings and rescue her as she plummetted to earth!
  • Was it just me, or did Edward’s skin become far less pale at the end of the movie?
  • And while we’re on Edward’s skin, the glistening in the sun was a total let down. I wanted to be dazzled, and I definitely wasn’t. I thought his skin was almost unremarkable in the sun – certainly no reason to hide on sunny days!
  • It wasn’t very dramatic. Well, there was plenty of angst-style drama (they really got that right!) but I thought the whole James-tracking-Bella thing was played out too quickly. This part of the story takes a while to happen in the novel, and it felt a bit rushed in the film. And the ballet studio scene lacked tension – even vampire-phobic me wasn’t the least bit scared!
  • I didn’t think there was enough attention paid to developing Bella and Edward’s relationship. I knew it was intense and that they were meant to be, but I think that’s cause I’ve read and loved the books, not because the relationship was played out well in the film.

I think that part of the reason the movie hasn’t got great reviews is because the book is about the characters and the development of relationships. It’s not all that plot driven: there’s a story there, but it’s more about the relationship angle. This made for a ‘quiet’ movie that was light on dialogue, but I liked that.

All in all, I did really enjoy it, and I’ll be watching it again. The two hours in the cinema flew, and I’m really looking forward to the sequels.

Oh yeah, I said you could win something…

So now, over to you! What did you think of the movie? What worked for you, and what didn’t? Did you like it as much as the book? The first seven people to post their thoughts on the movie in the comments will win a copy of another great book: Love like water, by Meme McDonald.


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8 Responses to “Twilight on the big screen: my review, and your chance to win!”

  1. coffee Says:

    i don’t understand what is the appeal of Robert Pattinson (Edward), his nose looks funny to me

  2. Ruby Says:

    I liked twilight alot allthough I have not read the book but I am going to. I thought that it would be a little scaryer. Also I was expecting the dance room scene to be a bit more well…I suppose you could say thrilling so that you couldn’t take your eyes off of it. In all I liked it but I think they could have done better.

  3. William Kostakis Says:

    Yeah… as Andrew mentioned, I wasn’t really a fan. I think this pretty much summed up my feelings:

    But books always lose something from print to screen, unless the director really has a clear style that adds something to the book’s content. Take Prisoner of Azkaban for instance – the first two Harry Potter movies were practically literal translations of the books, but Alfonso Cuarón took risks and added details that were absent from the book, enriching the source material. Having read most of TWILIGHT the book, I’d have to say both the book and film have their own problems. There’s no doubting the film was rushed and under-budgeted though, and with the production news coming out of NEW MOON, it looks like they;re rushing the script for that one too, which is never good…

    But hopefully I’ll be more esteemed when I’m commenting on NEW MOON. 🙂

  4. Kate (library staff) Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Dahna. Your prize is in the mail…!

  5. Dahna Says:

    Overall I thought it was a really great movie, however I think that if you hadn’t read the book you wouldn’t have understand the importance or meaning of some parts, and if you had read the book you would be constantly comparing the two, in most cases with the book coming off better.

    But I still thoughly enjoyed the movie, I agree, Loved their house and the scenes in the trees. Although I did find it funny that when Edward went into the sun, it more liked he was covered in body glitter than glowing.

    I loved the movie and will definately see it again. Although it was two hours long, it flew by and didn’t want it to end!

  6. Kate (library staff) Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Jay. Your prize is on it’s way.

    I thought parts were really rushed too. But I guess it was a biiiiig book to cover in two hours…

  7. Jay Harley Says:

    I thought the movie was great, but it was a little bit of a let down from the book. At first I thought they made some mistakes with the casting, but upon looking at it closer, I think they made an excellent choice. The movie went for 2 hours, but I enjoyed it all. The movie was very rushed, and missed out on so many parts which was a let down, but all in all, it was a great movie.

  8. Andrew Says:

    Or there are other opinions about the film / book…

    Not-quite-esteemed, but still promising up-and-coming author, William Kostakis (Loathing Lola), had THIS to say about Twilight…

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