As I am: a night with Alicia Keys


How did you spend your Wednesday night? I spent mine watching Jordin Sparks and Alicia Keys strut their stuff at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. It was an awesome night, full of great performances.

Unfortuantely, though, the night started out annoyingly, with a trip back to the car to offload a handbag that was too big to take in (no bigger than A4 size allowed), an umbrella, camera, and water bottle. I feel sorry for the poor security guards that were making us ditch our stuff – people were cranky! So I spent the first part of the evening a bit sad about not having my camera, and disappointed that I would have to rely on my phone for photos for the blog.

Once inside, I went to buy a replacement bottle of water, only to have the cashier pour it into a cup! Apparently, as a security precaution for the artist, you can’t take a water bottle into a concert now. Interesting.

First up to perform was one of Alicia Key’s backup singers, Jermaine Paul, whose album I wish I’d picked up at the merchandise desk (I’ll definitely be looking for it). He was amazing – great voice, cool sounds, nice bluesy and R&B tunes. He has an amazing falsetto. Check out his MySpace.

Next up was Adelaide band Lowrider. You might have heard their track “BeBad” if you’re a Triple J fan. These guys were pretty cool and I think a perfect support for Alicia Keys. Hot tip: until the end of the month, you can download the track “Friend” for free from Lowrider’s website.

The final ‘support’ act for the night was Jordin Sparks, and I use the term ‘support’ loosely, because Jordin Sparks was a big draw card for me. In my opinon, Jordin Sparks is the best thing to come out of American Idol. Her album got some mixed reviews, but there’s no doubting she has a great voice and she’s certainly managed to hold her own in the hit stakes. Her performance was great. I probably thought she did best at the more up beat songs – like “Young and in love” – but of course, “No air” was a highlight.

Alicia Keys came on quite late, what with three support acts up before her. She was absolutely phenomenal. Most of my favourite songs featured in the concert line up, with highlights being

  • “No one” – I think this was the final encore
  • “Superwoman” – cause even when I’m a mess, I still put on a vest with an ‘S’ on my chest, oh yes! I’m a superwoman…
  • “How come you don’t call me” – an awesome extended version, featuring solos from the band and a great vocal dialogue at the end with Jermaine Paul


This was possibly the best concert I’ve been to, ever. It was certainly right up there in my top three. What made it so great is that Alicia Keys is a real musician – not a pop princess, but an R & B artist with an awesome voice and great musical skill. Would I pay to see her again? In an instant!


There’s loads of videos on YouTube from the As I Am tour. Just try a search for Alicia Keys As I Am tour or even add a track name if you want to see a particular track.



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One Response to “As I am: a night with Alicia Keys”

  1. Alicia Says:

    I have to say before I saw this concert I had never been as star struck by any of the musicians I have loved. But Alicia Keys has so much star quality. She has an incredibly powerful voice, great instrumental skills and her overall stage presence was mesmerising and soulful and at the same time she also managed to come across as down to earth. Even her band and back up singers were incredible! It was a concert I will not easily forget and the next morning when I woke up I could still hear the tunes playing in my head.

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