Anime! What a May?


Have you ever wondered about the mechanics or the art behind some of the Ghibli animated films?

Wonder no further.

If you’re ever in the Tokyo neighbourhood your first stop should be the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka.

Ok, so if you can’t get to Japan anytime soon, look up Ghibli on the net and take a look behind the scenes of their famous features and the now famous Museum.

The Ghibli Museum demonstrates the science and the fantastic talent behind such  Ghibli productions as Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbour Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service and 2002’s Oscar winner Spirited Away – the first anime film to win an Academy award.

At the museum the smaller kids (under 12s) can jump all over a huge Cat Bus and the bigger kids (over 12s) can stand in the shade of a huge five metre tall Robot Soldier on the rooftop garden. (Note: devious plan hatched – people are always saying I look young for my age, don’t I?)

If you’re old school and it doesn’t matter too much how it’s all done, borrow the DVDs from the library and simply enjoy the Ghibli magic and live the Ghibli motto:

Let’s become lost children forever.

That sounds good to me!

Check out the official site at


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One Response to “Anime! What a May?”

  1. paochuan Says:

    I loved Spirited Away! It really sucked me in. During the first 20 minutes I remember thinking “what the hell is this all about?!”. One of the most tripped out scenes has got to be when that spider-like man was working the machanics behind the baths. Great movie!

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