Say goodbye to sleep….


After much deliberation I have decided to treat myself to an Xbox 360 for Christmas, so I have a question to the gamers out there. What is Fable 2 like? Does it capture the essence of the original? I loved the original Fable, and for me the only drawback was the shortness of the game. I think I finished it in around 15 hours or so. I am hanging out to get the sequel and don’t won’t to be disappointed by the length of the game. I have read good things about it but would like to hear from someone who has played the game. 

Assasin’s Creed is another game that looks pretty interesting. As it has been out a bit longer than Fabel 2 it has a friendlier price tag which adds to its appeal. It appears to have an original story and the graphics look amazing. It has received great reviews from both GameSpot and Hyper magazine. No doubt I will end up getting both games straight up, much to my wife’s annoyance. I may have to sell a kidney, but hey, I am sure it will be worth it!

On a side note, my all time favourite game has got to be Stranger’s Wrath by Oddworld Inhabitants, the makers of the Oddworld series. It is so quirky and has such a cool, in-depth storyline. The end scene was awesome! Although it did receive great reviews from the gaming mags and was fun to play, it wasn’t that well received by the general public. The company ended up leaving the gaming market and went into movies. A tragic loss to the gaming industry in my opinion!

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