School uniforms – what’s your opinion?


I went to school in a part of the world where wearing a uniform to school is almost unheard of.

I imagine it’d be nice to have a uniform because you wouldn’t have to think about what you are going to wear to school that day. I mean, deciding what to wear in the morning can be quite an ordeal—at least it can be for me.

On the other hand, not being able to express yourself through your clothing could also be frustrating.

What do you think about it? Pros? Cons?


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7 Responses to “School uniforms – what’s your opinion?”

  1. camilla Says:

    Clothing is a way to express yourself !

  2. 2by2 (library staff) Says:

    I think the idea of everyone being equal and not being judged by what you wear is valid. I know I had many days of feeling like a dweeb because my clothes weren’t stylish or name-brand. On the other hand, in my later years of high school I explored my identity through my clothing. My clothing choices became an expression of my evolving personality and I think that was an integral part of my maturation.

    So, I don’t know what the best choice is–I guess, you can’t win them all.

  3. Alicia Says:

    Students should wear school uniforms for their own safety, so you can see imediately if there are any intruders on the school grounds and also it makes everyone equal so that if there are people of higher or lower social status it isn’t foregrounded and that’s a good thing.

  4. aubs Says:

    The best part about having uniforms is writing on them on the last day of grade 12 whoohoo!! …plus some flour… a bit of water… :p

  5. Daniela Says:

    i think uniforms are good. everyone looks the same so you aren’t judged by what you wear.

    nowadays some of them are pretty good. modernised by like student councill or whatever.

    could be worse. and you save money. school uniform is worn for years. but constantly needing new clothes for school would be a pain.

    and then on the w/e what would you wear?

  6. jam (library staff) Says:

    I agree – i didn’t like my school uniform. But I also didn’t think much of uniform free days.

    I guess what I would like is school colours: you could pick from a whole range of clothes in the school colours. That way you could still have a bit of choice in what you wear – but you still have the school colours to unite everyone.

  7. loupie Says:

    I had to wear THE ugliest uniform at school – ugly colours, ugly cut, ugly fabric – no-one looked good in it.


    When we had uniform-free days as fundraising events it was really stressful for some people (I remember finding a friend in tears in the classroom at morning break because she had worn ‘the wrong thing’).

    So given a choice between everyone looking equally bad and living through years of “Mean Girls” over clothes choices, I guess I’d choose ugly uniforms.

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