Attack of the creative bug!


I’ve recently become incredibly motivated sitting in front of my computer. Sounds ridiculous, I know. Thanks to plenty of time reading blogs and wandering around independently run online stores, I’ve become addicted to crafts. It started with knitting, but has now moved on to paper mache, handpainted stationery, screen printed tshirts, wall hangings and SOFTIES!

Softies are basically soft toys, but they’re sweeter, cuter, friendlier and have so much character and attitude it hurts. I came across two softies books in the library and hung onto them for a while, flagging pages that I intended to create but never went about doing anything with them. But when I finally had motivation to create my first (see my friendly owl below), it was impossible to resist giving my solo softie a family. It’s addictive, surprisingly easier than expected, and so much fun. Looking online, it’s easy to find an endless supply of inspiration for different softie creatures.

Try looking at for more plush cuties.

After softies, my next love would be trawling through etsy. For those unfamiliar, be warned: it’s addictive. Handmade jewellery, clothing, photography, unusual little antiques, they have it all. It is a US site, but a lot of the individual stores under the huge etsy umbrella are run by Australians, so it’s not that hard to purchase items and have them posted. There are so many great gift ideas, but even more ideas for things you can create yourself very inexpensively.

And lastly, threadless. Threadless is a site devoted to tshirts, created by people from all around the world. They’re cute, original, and could give you so many ideas about clothes that you could create for yourself. You don’t necessarily need an expensive screenpress to make original clothes of your own.

It’s easy to find points of inspiration through both books and online. Don’t feel guilty about simply looking and dreaming about the possibilities, but also don’t feel scared to try something different (or to ask for Mum/Grandma/your siblings or friends help)! Like jam has said, something handmade makes a wonderful gift… or if you can’t part with your creations, they make your desk, room, walls or bed feel so much more cosy.


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3 Responses to “Attack of the creative bug!”

  1. Jillary Says:

    Love it Love it Love it!! I have placed a softies book on hold already…..theyre good for sewing beginners because many of the designs…eg the owl….use chunky thread so the sewing part is not too intricate….unless putting on beads etc :S

  2. jam (library staff) Says:

    hmm…. I like that idea. It is still something handmade and beautiful. But I’m still having trouble with about what to get the guys…. Any suggestions?

  3. Kate (library staff) Says:

    Ooooh, how cute is that owl! Since I cannot sew to save my life (think: lots of shirts with missing buttons), I might just have to place an order for one of those!

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