An Idol showdown


One more sleep til the 2008 Idol finale… I am a self-confessed reality TV addict. Amazing Race, Idol, So You Think You Can Dance… I love them all, but I especially love the ones where you get to see really talented people strut their stuff.

This season has flown by. Marked by some stellar performances, this year has been touted as the best year of Idol yet, and I think I have to agree. For me, Wes and Mark were the standout performers this year (with Wes a fair way out in front – his Michael Jackson number was awesome!).

So I’ve been thinking: who is my all-time favourite Idol? My iTunes library would suggest I’m a fan a couple of the Idol winners – I’ve got some Natalie Gauci and loads of Guy Sebastian – and a few of the finalists – you’ll also find Bobby Flynn, Ricki-Lee and Jessica Mauboy on my iPod.

Picking a favourite is a fairly big call, but I think I have to go back to the roots, with Guy Sebastian. His music is easy to listen to and his voice is amazing. His Memphis Album is a great Sunday afternoon chill-out soundtrack.

But, if Jessica Mauboy’s new album (released today!) lives up to the awesomeness of her current single Running Back, I’m thinking she might just knock good old Guy off the top of my list. I’ve just bought the album, Been Waiting, and it’s downloading from the iTunes store now. So we’ll soon see whether Guy remains my fav!

What about you? Got a favourite Idol from a previous season? Or will Wes or Luke make it to the top of your Idol list?


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4 Responses to “An Idol showdown”

  1. Julie Says:

    Hi Kate,

    My all time favourite is the one and only original first time winner of Australian Idol Guy Sebastian.
    Nobody else has even come slightly close to him in talent as far as i am concerned.
    Guy just improves every single album he makes, is different and The Memphis Album is such a credit to him 3 times Platinum, highest selling album by a male artist in Australia this year.
    His concerts are fantastic, nobody better than him LIVE and I have a copy of his CDs in the house, car, work everywhere.
    The 5th Album being released early 2009 is an original one by Guy (can’t wait to see what he has in store this time)

  2. melissa parker Says:

    I love all of Guy sebastian’s music! his memphis album is amazing!!!

    His earlier albums are really good too. He is also the nicest person ever. I have been lucky enough to meet him a few times and he is so nice and charming you cant help but love him!

    I have liked some songs from previous idol contestants like kate deraugo and jess mauboy. I really like jess’s song ‘running back’. Ricki lee’s music is really good too.

  3. Diane Says:

    Hi Kate

    Guy Sebastian is my favourite Idol of all time and you will find him on my ipod, in my car and at my work station. I think he is totally amazing as a musician and vocalist! I just love him!

    I watch Idol every year and always enjoy it – this year has been pretty exciting – I think the top three this year have been wonderful. I was quite taken with Mark Spano as an artist and I think he will do well regardless. Luke has really grown the most and transformed himself into a credible singer. I think that Wes has probably got it in the bag though – he is the whole package and is ready to be launched into a musical career.

    It is Sunday morning and I am making a big cooked breakfast – am going to thrown on Guy’s Memphis Album to get everyone up and going!

  4. Nessa Says:

    This year was pretty good and I’m pleased to see some excitement about Idol again. I also like that they’ve chosen ‘individual’ songs for the finalists – about time. I was also a fan of Jess and I’m pleased for her success with Running Back. I hope the album does well too. I’ve also enjoyed tracks by many of the other Idol contestants.

    But I have to say Guy is still my #1. My interest in him has never waned and I’m still as excited to hear about the next Guy live appearance as I ever was – probably more, because he just gets better and better.

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