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Well, actually about me.

Seeing I post here all the time, I thought it was only fair to tell everyone about the kind of books I like.  (I’d love to hear what kind of readers other staff members are as well!)

So, when I was younger, I loved to read Babysitter’s Club books. My friends and I used to swap the books between us and would long for the day that we could start a club like this. (Though oddly enough we never did!)  The Nancy Drew series and any book by Roald Dahl I was certain to try to get my hands on! 

I also really enjoyed reading classic stories.  Little Women, Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre were all favourites when I was in high school.  (Although I do have to admit that I was and still am a little afraid of the scary scenes in Jane Eyre!) I read all the books that was assigned to me at school, but I prefered to read magazines during this time.  Some of them I still like to take a look through today. 

I remember being amazed when reading Jurassic Park and wishing that I could visit the island (as long as there were no dinosaurs on the loose!).

Today, I’m catching up on titles that I wished were around when I was a younger; books by John Marsden, Stephenie Meyer, Melina Marchetta and of course JK Rowling.  I’m learning a lot about books in the YP section these days and I enjoy the reviews that are on this blog… What a great way to add to my reading list!

So what are your favourite books?  Do you prefer graphic novels?  What kind of reviews get you excited about reading a book?  Tell us!


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