Holiday plans


With school finishing soon (or for the lucky few – finished!), what are the school holiday plans for this summer?  We are very lucky to be living next to some of the world’s best beaches and just a short drive from some beautiful rainforests with amazing views.  But what happens if the weather is less then the usual perfect?  Just look what happend earlier in the week with the wild weather!

Some really fun items came through the circulation counters this week.  Great movies and copies of some fun television shows.  (Some of them from the early 1980s – you should check out the clothes!)  This really got me thinking about my favourite holiday viewing.  Do you have a particular movie that you watch every holiday?  Do you drive your parents up the wall with repeated viewing of music DVDs?
Movies that I watch all the time include:

  • Aladin (so much fun! Great songs and even better animation – you are never too old for this movie!)
  • Harry Potter series… (You can’t go past this!)

But I think I need help to make a top 10 of favourite movies to help me get through this summer.  What would you put on your top 10?


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