Shuffle shenanigans


On my way to work this morning, I couldn’t decide what music I wanted to listen to, so I flicked my iPod to shuffle. I’ve become a shuffle-convert recently. I used to prefer to listen to an album straight through, or create my own playlists, but recently, shuffle has been reminding me of some cool, older albums and tracks that I’ve forgotten about. I was pondering what the mix of tracks that came up this morning said about my taste in music…

I thought it would be interesting to start a thread on what tracks play when you switch your iPod or MP3 player to shuffle. I’ll get the ball rolling with a list of the first five tracks that played for me this morning:

  1. Fear – Sarah MchLachlan (from the album Mirrorball)
  2. Senorita – Justin Timberlake (from the album Justified)
  3. Take Me Away (Into The Night) – 4 Strings (from Wild Gold Volume 2)
  4. Taking Over Me – Evanescence (from the album Fallen)
  5. Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House (from the album Recurring Dream)

I thought it was interesting that nothing recent turned up in the first five tracks. I also thought it was interesting that only one dance track turned up, given that my iPod is half full of dance and techno albums. I think my shuffle fun this morning shows that my music interests are pretty diverse (although a lot more dance music turned up after the fifth track).

So go ahead! Hit the shuffle button and tell us in a comment what five tracks play first up. What do these tracks tell you about your taste in music?


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4 Responses to “Shuffle shenanigans”

  1. aubs (library staff) Says:

    Thanks Kate,
    it’s way more diverse than that even…think Beyonce and Florider next to Duran Duran and Gary Numan hehe ;p …music is so much fun.

    I love Tori also – if you like her you would love Kate Bush – one of my all time favourites.

  2. Kate (library staff) Says:

    @ Hugo – wish I could say the same about all the music on my iPod being good. I’ve accidentally ended up with some of my dad’s music in my library. Yuk! (Although I don’t mind that one of the albums that accidentally made it’s way onto my iPod was a Cat Stevens one…)

    @ aubs – nice selection. I could do with some Enya right now… Listening to Tori Amos’ Under the Pink – a nice Saturday arvo album.

  3. hugo Says:

    hi kate, I like your advice because I always hit shuffle – I like the randomness, it makes life interesting. anyway all the music on my ipod is good.

  4. Aubs (library staff) Says:

    Hi Kate,
    This intrigued me so I tried it. I usually choose what i’m listening to on the ipod as well, although I always have shuffle going on the computer when I’m listening to music at home.

    Here’s my first five shuffled songs:

    1. Cool – Gwen Stefani ( So fresh )
    2. Alive and Kicking – Simple Minds ( Best of ..)
    3. Breaking of the fellowship – Enya ( LOTR fellowship soundtrack )
    4. Feels like it should – Jamiroquai (High Times: singles )
    5. Spirit got lost – Mental as Anything (Greatest Hits Album)

    Love to hear from more shufflers out there!

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