Not long until Christmas…


As Christmas is getting closer, I know that I’ve been thinking about what I want to give to my friends and family over the festive season.  Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but we don’t have to celebrate the season to be swept up in the commercialism with all the sales and advertising!  I know that everytime I see a bit of tinsel I’m instantly pulled towards a display…

I’ve decided this year to make something for friends and family… I do have to admit that I’m artistically challenged though!  So what should I do?  I see all these great beading books that I’m sure will teach me how to make a nice bracelet or necklace for the girls – but what about the guys?? Can I make something for them? I’m sure if I try hard enough I could make a tie… but there has to be something more interesting.  Any suggestions?


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    […] scared to try something different (or to ask for Mum/Grandma/your siblings or friends help)! Like jam has said, something handmade makes a wonderful gift… or if you can’t part with your creations, […]

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