And now, let the wild rumpus start!



Like me, many of you might remember the story of Where the Wild Things Are from when you were young. After being naughty, Max is sent to his room without any dinner and then decides to sail away in his boat to the land where the wild things are. I adored everything about this book. Cheeky Max and his wolf suit, the monsters who are both scary and friendly, and the wonderful illustrations of Max’s adventures across the sea and then into the jungle. Not only is Where the Wild Things Are one of my favourite books of all time, but it’s being created into a movie!

Film adaptations of our favourite books are only becoming more frequent. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, a whole bunch of superhero-based graphic novels, and soon Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight… the list goes on. And it’s understandable that with these adaptations, fans of the books can be a little worried about how well the film version will live up to the book. But I have not one single ounce of concern in me about this film! 

The screenplay has been written by one of my favourite adult fiction authors, Dave Eggers and will be directed by one of my favourite directors, Spike Jonze. You’ve probably seen some of Spike Jonze’s work without even knowing it, as he’s directed music videos for the Chemical Brothers, Beastie Boys, Fatboy Slim and Weezer as well as creating plenty of skateboarding movies and producing the Jackass series. Both Eggers and Jonze are creating this movie with a combination of man-made monsters, animatronics and CGI, and I think the outcome will be quite scary. There have been lots of reports and concerns that this movie will be too scary for its intended audience! It’s original release date of late this year has now been pushed back until 16 October 2009. The wait is killing me!

So go on, relive your childhood and read Where the Wild Things Are again. Or if you’ve never read it, give it a chance. I don’t think someone can ever be too old for a well written picture book, especially one that you’ll soon be able to see on the big screen.


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