I just saw the anime movie My neighbor Totoro for the first time. It’s an anime film by the same people who made Nausicaa, Howl’s moving castle, Spirited away (although I didn’t like that as much), Laputa and lots of others.  Hayao Miyazaki (creator) makes incredible movies, but I have to say that Totoro just blew me away.  Realistic but still original and fantastic, it’s a classic anime that totally captures the essence of longing and childhood.

And besides, there’s a bus that’s a cat who flies them to the top of the forest canopy, so how can it be bad?


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One Response to “Totoro”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I am a Miyazaki fan too! I think you can actually get a DVD boxset or collection of his films.

    I can also highly recommend My Neighbour Totoro. The cat bus is awesome. 🙂 (Gold Coast City Council should have invested in a fleet of cat buses instead of the Rapid Transit System… 😉

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