Best and worst comic book movie adaptations


Having been a comic book fan for a number of years, I’m always interested in which comic or graphic novel will next be adapted into a movie. Some of these adaptations fill me with trepidation, as I worry that long beloved characters will appear unrecognisable. The upside to these comic book movies (when done well) is a broadening of the fanbase and a chance for long term fans to garner some bragging rights (I knew Wolverine and his long, tortured back story before everyone else jumped on that bandwagon!).

So here’s my list, in no particular order, of some of the best and some of the worst comic book movie adaptations. It’s not an exhaustive list. So if you’ve got some you’d like to add, or if you disagree with me, please post in and let me know how misguided I am.


  • Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (I liked both recent Batman ventures but will also confess to having a soft spot for the 1992 outing Batman Returns)
  • X Men (Definitely watchable but the absence of some favoured supporting characters from the comics, or even the animated series, is a shame)
  • Constantine (Yes, many characters were substantially altered but let’s be honest, it could have been a whole lot worse)
  • Hellboy (Not an all time favourite but watchable)
  • Transformers (Mostly for childhood nostalgia value)


  • Daredevil (So bad it’s hilarious. Friends and I laughed so hard while at the movies we were shushed)
  • The Punisher (So bad I still can’t believe I watched all of it. The torture scene with the iceblock was the last straw)
  • Fantastic Four (Never really been a fan, found the comics and animated series boring as child. Still too goody goody and all-American for me)
  • Catwoman (Didn’t actually watch this one – this time I believed the hype lamenting its awfulness. I like the character but just couldn’t face watching it)

So if you’re wondering which comic book will dice with big screen glory next, check out for all the latest news and updates.


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One Response to “Best and worst comic book movie adaptations”

  1. Craig Says:

    Pretty much agree with this list, though I don’t really care for the first X-Men. X-Men 2 is a good movie though and lots of people like the Spider-Man movies (but the third is terrible). Some other good adaptations include Iron Man, Sin City, 300 and V For Vendetta.

    Watchmen also comes out soon.

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