My completely embarrassing secrets


Embarrassing secret number one: Since I was about 10, I’ve had a full blown vampire phobia. The only things that gives me nightmares are those creatures of the night with their pointy teeth and lust for blood. Ew. It gives me the shivers just to think about it. I haven’t always had this phobia. In fact, I think it is self inflicted – a result of sneaking up behind the lounge while my big sister was watching the movie The lost boys (over and over again) when I was a kid. I was both fascinated and repulsed by it. I’d hide my face behind my hands, but I’d still be compelled to peer through my fingers at the scary bits. To this day, I can’t watch Kiefer Sutherland in anything without thinking of him as a blood sucking vampire (he just played the role so well) and my vampire fear is still as strong as ever.

I missed the whole Buffy phenomenon because of this phobia. Even though there wasn’t anything all that scary about the series (or so I’m told), just one glimpse of crazed vampire eyes or a shiny, pointy white tooth and I’d be sure to be awake half the night. I also spent my teens avoiding the series Charmed (vampires featured there, too) and all my friends know that movie invitations will only be accepted on the proviso that there are no vampires (and I’d prefer no zombies, too, cause they just remind me of vampires). I can’t even watch Supernatural, and I’m told that’s more a comedy than anything else.

Shameful confession number two: As a result of this phobia, I am possibly the last person on the planet to discover the Stephenie Meyer Twilight series (by the way, I should warn you that there are series plot spoilers at this link). Once I knew it featured vampires, even the cover image creeped me out. I couldn’t bring myself to read the series cause I thought it would give me nightmares. Now, this is a bit disappointing for me, cause I really love to jump on the bandwagon with popular series – I’ve read all the Harry Potter novels, loved Philip Pullman’s His dark materials trilogy, and got right back into Narnia when it had a bit of a rebirth a few years back. I just like to see what everyone is on about, and make up my own mind about whether the latest craze is really that great. And I haven’t been able to do that with Twilight, because of the whole vampire thing.

And my last embarrassing secret for today: I have just read the first book (and I’m halfway through the second). Pretty impressive, huh, seeing I’m so scared of vampires? Not shameful at all, I hear you say! But I haven’t told you yet how I managed to convince myself to read it – and that’s the most embarrassing bit of this post.

Here goes… I had to wait for my mum to read it and tell me there were no graphic vampire scenes. True story. Friends and coworkers had assured me that it wasn’t graphic or scary, but I had to wait for my mum, who knows the full extent of my phobia, to tell me it was okay before I could read it. Kinda embarrassing, but I thought I would do the right thing by my fellow vampire-phobics and admit to this, so that even those with a phobia as strong as mine could be assured that Twilight isn’t scary. In fact, it’s quite a beautiful love story.

So, my questions to all you Twilight fans: Is it safe for me to read on? Does the series get any scarier?

And I’m wondering if anyone else out there has overcome a phobia lately? How’d you do it?


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2 Responses to “My completely embarrassing secrets”

  1. jam (library staff) Says:

    I really enjoy the series, and I was excited to see that it will soon be a movie. However – I don’t enjoy a lot of supernatural books. A book with supernatural themes in it really has to have a good story to pull me in. I have found that these type of stories are just too complex to get into or that they just don’t have any likeable characters. I would also love to hear if there is another series I should have a look at!

  2. aubs (library staff) Says:

    I haven’t read any of her books yet either…and I’m not afraid of vampires as such. But I don’t really enjoy vampire stories much. Which I find interesting because I quite enjoy any ‘supernatural’ type of thing. Maybe it’s because some supernatural things ‘might’ be real…but vampires?? hmm I just don’t think so. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt’s efforts all those years ago kind of ruined it for me and Gary Oldman’s effort (who I love!) didn’t endear me to the legends of vampirism either. I know there will be those who disagree?!

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