David Tennant leaving Doctor Who!


Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, the biggest news of the last few days is the announcement that David Tennant will not be returning to Doctor Who for another series in 2010. After finishing the four, hour long specials planned for 2009, Tennant will be making way for another timelord.

So once you’ve finished dealing with your grief, pick yourself back up and consider who you might want to take over the Doctor’s duties. Do you think the new Doctor will be young, or old? Crazy or serious? Post in your suggestions for who should take up the mantle of the eleventh Doctor or just send in your lamentations about this sad and tragic news.


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4 Responses to “David Tennant leaving Doctor Who!”

  1. Timothy Says:

    It’s best not to get into who was the best Doctor ever. 8) You get different flavors of Doctor over time. I liked a lot of the horror in the Baker years.

    I really hope they pick Patterson Joseph. He’s got a different style of funny to the mania that David Tennant does.

  2. Mia (library staff) Says:

    Your sister must have excellent taste in television shows 🙂 Not sure I like the idea of James Nesbitt taking over. I think there are some better contenders out there.

    BTW Tom Baker was an excellent Dr Who (although I’ll admit David Tennant was great too)

  3. poppy Says:


    I can’t believe it.
    I am like totally obsessed with Doctor Who.
    Thanks to my sister. lol
    I have heard that the main actor from the series Jekell,
    James Nesbitt may be taking over his place.


  4. jam (library staff) Says:

    OH NO!! That is so sad! He is such a good doctor! I can’t even think of who would take over just yet!

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