How to find a book you’ll like…


I started reading a book the other day… and I hated it! That got me thinking of how can you find a book that you like. You could be lucky like Kate (see her previous blog post about Kill the Possum) and go along the shelves and choose a book by its cover. But what happens if you want to read a book in a certain genre, or at a different setting (maybe set in a far off planet)? Hmm…

Why not check out these ideas?

  • Check out some teen reads book from your local branch library. There are always some good book reviews in them. Start with Book crush by Nancy Pearl
  • Take a look at the Good Reading Magazine
  • You could even Google for teen book reviews – add a keyword that describes the type of book you’re after for more specific results.

Have you found a sure fire way to find good books? Let us know!


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2 Responses to “How to find a book you’ll like…”

  1. loupie Says:

    So, one more thing…

    Another tricky little way to find books is on this website:

    It’s a UK site which lets you select the type of book you want in two different ways. The first is to use the sliding scales – do you want happy or sad, safe or disturbing, beautiful or disgusting? Slide the measure along to set your co-ordinates for two or three of the twelve different sets. Then press GO to find books that match your options.

    I could play with this for HOURS but, sadly, I have to work.
    Oh, yeah, and I have to use the other tool on whichbook.

    This lets you choose a book by selecting character, plot and setting. Character lets you choose race, age, sexuality and gender.
    Plot allows you to find books with ‘lots of twists and turns’, or ‘success against the odds’, ‘quest’, ‘revelation’ or other plots.
    Setting is great. You get to scroll across a little map of the world looking for where you want the story to be set.

    Just remember: if you set too many restrictions you may not get any matches. So there were no matches for my request for a book about an Asian female character on a quest in Canada. But when I left out the plot requirement I got two matches and when I said I wanted the quest, but didn’t mind about the country, I got sixteen.

    Have fun playing with this!

  2. loupie Says:

    I’ve had lots of fun finding a new book on one of the online resource pages – Books and Authors. Click onto the Online Resources link under the photos on the library website, then select ‘Reading and literature’, which is the top of the right hand column of choices. From the results select Books and Authors.

    It gives you the “Who What Where When” search option which means if you are pining for books about vampires …. or circus entertainers …. or badgers you can select that as the who. And set a place, or an era or – well, whatever you like. Vaudeville heiresses of Mars? Regency werewolves on the Erie Canal? Anything is possible.

    And maybe if there isn’t a match for exactly what you want, you need to write the book.

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