The inner workings of toasters, or, how stuff works


Ever wonder how a toaster knows when something is done? Does it pop it up regardless? Does it really care if you pick “light” or “medium” or “dark”…

Ok! Possibly not the most interesting subject I could have picked! Never the less, How Stuff Works is one of the most interesting and useful sites around for finding out, well, how stuff works.

If you want to know just about anything about machines, computers or technology, the environment, space ships, microwaves, how shoes are made, how dolphins use echo-location, everything about how your body works, colour blindness, toe jam, and yes! even how the humble toaster works, don’t bug Mum or Dad. Give How Stuff Works a go! Try typing a subject or a brief question into the How Stuff Works site, and it will find some info for you, or provide links to the required info.

If you’re like me and love a book instead of sitting in front of a computer. The library has loads of great books to help you figure out how things do what they do, like Marshall Brain’s how stuff works and Marshall Brain’s more how stuff works. Or, try How cool stuff works, Cool stuff 2.0 and how it works or The gadget book: how really cool stuff works, all by Chris Woodford. If you don’t see them on the shelf, jump on the catalogue at and order one in.

If you find any other great sites like this, I would love to know about them so I can tell others!


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