Surfing @ the library


Surfing WorldWant to check out what’s hot in the water? Who’s winning where? And what’s new in boards and gear? See what your library has to offer in the way of surfing and bodyboarding magazines, books and DVDs.

Waves is a magazine created specifically for surfers aged 12 to 18 and includes in-depth interviews with pros, travel features and of course, lots of pics. Surfing world, Australia’s surfing life, and Tracks are all excellent mags, as is Chik, which is aimed at all you teenage gals. And not forgetting those skillful riders who prefer the shortest boards, there is Riptide, a fantastic body-boarding mag.

There are loads of books and DVDs available for loan at Gold Coast City Council branch libraries as well. Including books like Surfing: a beginners guide, and DVDs such as The game plan: body boarding and Flow: the true story of a surfing revolution.

So when the surf is flat, jump on line and check out the library catalogue at or come on in and browse the shelves.

For those of us who live away from the beach, it’s a great idea to jump on one of the surf webcams and check out what the surf is doing and whether it’s worth the trek to the beach or not. Coastalwatch has tide info and weather forecasts as well as surf cams, and we can check out the surf on the Coast and round most of Australia.

Happy boarding!


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