Jessica Mauboy runs back on Australian Idol


I don’t really listen to the radio much – I’m usually plugged in to my iPod – so I somehow missed the release of Jessica Mauboy’s hot new track Running back, which she performed last night on the Idol elimination show. Funny, we were just chatting in the library yesterday about Flo Rida, and someone mentioned he’d done a collaboration with the runner up from 2006’s Idol series. I have to admit, I was a little incredulous. An Idol, and one who didn’t even win, doing a collaboration with a big international act like Flo Rida? Impossible!

Then I saw Jess perform Running back on Idol last night. That is one funky tune! It would have been a great track without Flo Rida. With Flo Rida, it’s an awesome track.

Needless to say, I went straight to the iTunes store and bought the single.

According to Wikipedia, the title of her forthcoming album is Been waiting and it’s due for release next month. Keep your eye on Jess’s website for more info.

While you wait for the album, why not check out the Running back clip or borrow Jess’s debut CD The Journey from the library.


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