Indy time again…


I will readily admit here and now that I have little to no understanding of how a car actually works.  Having said that, working/living on the Coast at this time of year seems to bring out the inner REV HEAD in me!  Yep, Indy is on again!  In just a few short weeks the city will be filled with excited fans waiting to catch a glimpse of those fast cars.

So, in the lead up to the Indy event, what do I do to find out about it (or at the very least how are car works)?  Well, I go to the local branch library of course!

The library has copies of the great TV show Top Gear, (including the newest DVD Polar Special from the UK series).  This is a fun and informative show, with fans around the world, including those people who know very little about cars! ME!

But if you already know about cars and are after more information about your favourite grand prix sport, why not take a look at Formula One car racing

Let us know about your favourite motor sport champion.  Join the blurb it community and tell us!


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2 Responses to “Indy time again…”

  1. Kat Says:

    I love Top Gear, the british series more so than the Australian version.

    I do not really have a favourite motor sports champion though.

  2. Sam Melen Says:

    Peter Brock was a great motor racing champion. He was known as the ‘King of the Mountain’ and ‘Peter Perfect’ and was one of the most successful drivers in Australia’s history. The Library has numerous books about him including a new order ‘Peter Brock – How good is this?’!

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