How to summon a Djinni


As an adult (well, to look at anyway)  and a long term fantasy reader I was pleasantly surprised when I read Jonathon Stroud’s The Amulet of Samarkand . At the risk of public ridicule, I will admit that I am one of the rare few that just didn’t get the whole Harry Potter phenomenom. Hate me if you will, but when you have grown up on a diet of fantasy novels you start to yearn for something that breaks, or at least bends, stereotypical fantasy convention.  

That is why I was pleasantly surprised by the delights that unfolded as I read Stroud’s The Amulet of Samarkand, book one in the Bartimaeus Trilogy. Mr Stroud serves up a creative ride where the readers get front row seats into the mind of a summoned djinni, Bartimaeus, and his time in servitude to a budding apprentice wizard, Nathanial.

I prefer to discover the adventure of a good book myself rather then read it in a review, so I won’t divulge too much here. I will say that Stroud’s cynical humour made me laugh out loud, and his ability to capture the machinations of real world intirigue and political/social climbing, yet portray these machinations in a modern day fantasy setting was impressive. There is also plenty of action and magic to keep even the most hardcore fantasy addict satisfied. I have even been told by those that do like the Harry Potter series that they enjoyed this series as much.

I’m sure you will make your own mind up on that score, but I really enjoyed this book. So if you like your fantasy a bit left of centre I heartily recommend you give this book a look in!


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One Response to “How to summon a Djinni”

  1. aubs (library staff) Says:

    I’ve just started to read this and have also found some laugh out loud moments. I think this book takes the next step on from J K Rowling. I can imagine Stroud saying, “what if, instead of the magical community being secret like in Harry Potter it was the other way around and magicians were the so called ruling class with ‘muggles’ as mere mortals?” It’s all delivered with such a funny derogatory sense of humour and it’s action packed. I’m enjoying it.

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