Does your dog eat your homework?


Are you one of those students who wishes you had a dog so you could pretend it ate your homework? Rather wash the dishes than sit down and finish those algebra questions? Sick of being totally perplexed by your assignments?

Have we got news for you!

Stop waving your homework in front of the dog’s mouth in the hope he’ll eat it, and log on to our brand new service, yourtutor, to chat with a qualified, expert tutor who can help you with your homework, assignments and study. Covering English, maths, science, assignment research and study skills, this great new service is available 4pm to 8pm week days. Log on for a one-on-one chat session with a tutor and get personalised help, right when you need it.

yourtutor is available from home or you can also log on from branch library PCs.

This term, you too can be a stellar student, with the help of yourtutor.

Like this new service? Why not post a comment and tell us how yourtutor has helped you with your school work.


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One Response to “Does your dog eat your homework?”

  1. alison Says:

    hi gccc, I love your blog. I spotted it while in the nerang library on the hols. you’ve got a great mix of stuff. keep it up.

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